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Kate T

Thank you for writing this informative and insightful post. Pancreatic cancer is commonly known as the silent killer and it's so frustrating to see how little funding is sent to research its cause and cure.

I was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer in Dec 06 (age 34) and, to be brutally honest, shouldn't be alive today. I'm amazed and awestruck by the breast cancer movement, I just wish that they could spread the wealth around to other less "popular" cancers. As I wrote in my blog (www.katethaxton.com), the pancreatic cancer community is small, stubborn, and ever hopeful. We’re that proverbial junkyard dog, scrappy and feisty, not going down without a fight.

Thank you for helping to spread the word about pancreatic cancer. We may not be pink, but we’re just as proud.
Kate t


Glad you commented Kate, but so sorry about what you had to tell us. We each feel our way through to the right response to cancer for us and for our situation but I can't imagine how I'd deal with a blow like you got with your diagnosis.

I've always believed that learning more about one cancer would benefit all cancers and so I during my research I should not have been surprised to discover numerous references to suspected links between pancreatic cancer and familial predisposition to breast cancer. I didn't find it everywhere I looked, but I found it often enough to believe there could be something to it.

Sooo... If that's accurate - and it's a big IF - those pink ribbons may be doing more good for you than you'd imagine.

Let's just hope so - and I hope you'll keep us up to date on how you're doing.

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  • Invasive Lobular Carcinoma
    My form of breast cancer is less common than others. In fact only about 6 to 8% of cases of breast cancer are the invasive form that is based in the lobules, not in the milk ducts.

    Invasive, sometimes called Infiltrating, is a scary word. In most cases this form of breast cancer has been present for 8–10 years when detected by a mammogram or physical exam.

    In my case there was clearly an area that felt thickened or dense on December 6, 2007. A mammogram the next afternoon was not able to detect it but it clearly appeared on ultrasound and was confirmed by multiple biopsies the same day.

    During those 8 to 10 years the cancer took to become apparent to me, there has been plenty of opportunity for those invasive cells to get out of the breast and spread to the rest of the body.

    It is after all, by definition, an invasive form of cancer.

    Each year about 190 thousand women are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in the US and about 40 thousand women will die of the disease. The larger the mass is when discovered the more risk. Mine had tentacled almost 5cm into the surrounding tissue and two other areas in the breast were discovered as well.

    My chances of living another 10 years without cancer in another area are about 40%. The likelihood of one of my other underlying health conditions doing the job before that is 20%. it took a few months to get used to that idea.

    Now though my attitude is that at least I know what I'm facing. It's just not what I expected. Life changes in an instant.

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